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Storytellers, Screen writers, PLAYWRIGHTS, Visualizers Directors, Executive Producers, Actors, Voice Talent, Singers, Lyricists, Musicians, Digital Creative Entertainment, OTT, Podcast, Internet Radio, Television Series and Radio Shows



Founded in 2002, Aakaanksha Creative Media Solutions, with its team of media professionals, is engaged in creating audio and video content across various digital platforms apart from the traditional terrestrial, satellite TV, and Radio channels.

With a rich track record spanning over two decades, this award-winning group of experts is behind the success of many pathbreaking TV Serials, short films, Documentaries, dubbed series, mobile content, and IVRs.

ACMS is now waiting in the wing to enter the unfolding arenas of the digital entertainment industry. With renewed zest, it is now vying to prove its presence on-

About Us

Led by an award-winning senior broadcaster-couple, an accomplished group of creative playwrights, screenwriters, dialog-writers, translators, voice actors, dubbing artists, movie/TV artists, anchors, emcees, and directors, with solid track records, populate the creative team of Aakaanksha Creative Media Solutions. Together they have played a pivotal role in the production of several TV series, audio dramas, documentaries, and features.

"Business is not just about making money. It is a sacred opportunity to work with great minds and highly skilled people, and open new vistas of progress."

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Ilyas Ahmed
Founder Director

"Life is a continuous process of learning. By asking questions and answering questions we are not only learning but passing our knowledge to younger aspirants too."

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Dr. Jyothsna Ilyas
Creative Director

"Echoing the words of popular 60s musician Keith Richards, music is a language that doesn't speak in particular words. It speaks in emotions and is ingrained in our bones"

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"Your creativity is a gift you possess but given to others. Creativity at scale requires a consistent process with rigorous steps to bring your creation to life."

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Storytelling has been our core strength from the beginning. Whether it was print, radio, television, or podcast- we were always present with our innovative and pathbreaking ideas. Our transition to the OTT platform has been seamless. Our creative teams who have understood the needs of the production houses and the OTT platforms have tailored and readied web series projects in varied genres, which are under active consideration. Some of our projects are likely to go on to shooting floors by the end of this year.

Parallel to this, we are constantly looking out for talented writers, and directors with great ideas needing representation in the field.

We welcome anyone who has a great concept note, to contact us for an evaluation and assistance

to turn it into a reality. Please email us at ilyas@aakaankshacreations.com with a brief note on your query, proposal, or requirement.


You might have heard a lot about this emerging dynamic format of entertainment and perhaps wondering if it is the right field for you to showcase your talent.

You may be a writer with great concepts and a compelling storyline, an actor with an expressive voice, a director familiar with the sound medium, who can connect to any age group or audience, or you have a large collection of rare audio recordings - whatever be your agenda just get in touch with us and let's see how we may work together.

You may also want to contact us if you have readied a script and have the actors, narrators in your team, in case you need any assistance in recording, editing, sound designing, foley effects, or just anything to enhance the value of your project. We will always be happy to assist you. Reach us through our Contact Us form or email us at queries@aakaankshacreations.com.


ACMS is also interested in acquiring the perpetual rights of short films, movies, YouTube Series, collection of short stories, published novels in any language, which can be converted into a commercially viable project.

Please get in touch with us if you have the IPR of any creative material. Contact Us with brief details of your Intellectual Property and we can start a conversation.



The Creative Team Portals is the latest initiative of ACMS which is in the final stage of its development.

Any creative person with great ideas who dreams to turn them into viable projects knows that he needs like-minded collaborators, supporters, critics, business partners, technicians, and mentors who would help him realize his goal.

Though a creative idea is usually the brainchild of one individual, it is fondly nursed, cherished, chiseled, and shaped by several loving hands. It is a symphony of many creative brains that complement the original idea to grow. These like-minded creative brains nurture the original idea until it assumes a life and identity of its own and is finally revealed to the world. As such everyone who gets connected to the project assumes an integral role and feels one with its development. Be it the writer, director, visualizer, technician, actor, musician, distributor, or even the exhibiter, each one of them burn the midnight oil with a strong intent to see the project on the center stage. This of course is the ideal situation. Such a sense of camaraderie is witnessed only in a few projects. The reasons behind this are many and varied.


ACMS realizes the urgent need for a platform, where all creative minds can come together, form communities, identify their seed idea, concept, and develop it into a rock-solid project. This alone is the premise of CREATIVE TEAM PORTALS.

Creative Teams Portal is not a collaboration tool. It is a dynamic space custom-made for creative people who want to make a movie, short film, documentary, talent search, create a podcast, start a YouTube channel, etc.


Once you sign up for free membership of CTP, an exclusive, password-protected space will be allocated to you, and you will instantly be able to personalize it, and also integrate 3rd party software into your pages. CTP will assist you to customize your portal.

If movies and OTT series are your passion, you may want to develop your idea into a concept note, logline, synopsis, story-bible, screenplay, and finally into a bound script. In this process, you may also want to include storyboard artists, visualizers, screenwriters, dialog writers, directors, assistants, technicians, and even actors, and producers. A few of you may think that it is a good idea to reach out to other friendly teams for suggestions and perhaps you may together form a group to pitch your projects to leading production houses or studios.


Throughout this exciting process, you will find the moderators of CTP to be standing next to you. They will enter your space only when you grant them access and request them to review or mentor your project. As such their role is restricted to facilitating interactive conversations between members of CTP, through its forums and ‘Baithak Rooms’.
If you find this exciting, please get in touch with us and tell us what kind of creative project you have in mind. Also, tell us if you wish to be a part of our initiative in developing this unique platform.

Join Hands

Though to each his own, the registered members of the Creative Team Portals (CTP), will also give their willingness to work jointly with other Teams on any common project they may identify together. In such cases, they shall maintain decorum, respect each other’s merits, accept their limitations, and act with the singular goal to make their common project a success.

We already have an independent, in-house team, ACMS CTP TEAM, which is up and running. Our team is handling all our ongoing digital entertainment projects. However, we are also looking for highly creative people who may want to join hands with us in our proposed projects. If this excites you, please submit the Registration Form below.


Please select the category/categories of ACMS in-house CTP Team are you would be interested in?
Please share a brief note of your professional background, and how you would like to be a part of our in-house ACMS CTP TEAM.
All the fields are required

Why Choose Us?

Work is our passion

We never accept work purely for commercial gains. We accept work only if it is interesting and stimulates our creative juices. 

Your priorities trust

Despite having our ideas on how things should be done, we respect your ideas and give what you need, keeping up with your timelines.

It's a fun-filled journey

We are more excited to accept projects which allow us to enjoy a long journey with you.

Our heart in your work

Once entrusted we consider your project as our baby. This way you will be surprised to get more than what you expected from us!

No compromise on quality

Negotiating on costing is normal in business. But we don't compromise on quality even if we accept to work for less.

You are most important

Joining hands means having the same goals. So, it is needless to say we are available 24x7x365 to resolve your concerns. Similarly, we too wouldn't hesitate to wake you up in the middle of the night to ask questions.   

What people say?

" The creators of Aakaanksha Creative Media Solutions also created me in the media field. Ilyas Sir and Jyotsna Ma'am are my teachers and I look up to them for learning even today "



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What do people say?

"In my 37 years of journey as a Media person in various capacities (Announcer, Actor, Model, Voiceover artist, News Reporter, Director and Producer, YouTube Vlogger) I haven't come across a more dynamic couple than Mr.Ilyas and Ms.Jyothsna Ilyas."


( Actor, Producer, and YouTuber )
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What do people say?

"Working with Ms. Jyotsna and Mr. Ilyas is not just an exciting professional assignment but an experience of learning, inspiration, and a celebration of imagination."


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What do people say?

I am associated with Mr. Ilyas and Mrs. Jyothsna for the past 20 years. I was the male lead in “Alaukika”, an out-of-the-box, high concept Telugu TV serial, which dealt with varied topics like alien abduction, time-travel, dimension shift, and reincarnation.


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What do people say?

Aakaanksha Creative Media Solutions is run by one of the best and most experienced. In my association with them over the last decade, I have always found them innovating, exploring, learning, and sharing


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What do people say?

As an actor and anchor, it’s always been special working with writer-director Ilyas Sir. People with a passion for their work are rare to find. Undoubtedly, I must say I was so fascinated by Ilyas Sir’s way of style of scripting, not to forget the detailing that goes into every aspect of his shots


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