Core Team

Ilyas Ahmed (Founder Director)

Ilyas Ahmed, Founder DirectorILYAS AHMED, joined All India Radio, in the year 1972 as a Presentation Announcer presuming it to be a stopgap job, but soon found himself passionately engrossed in presenting, writing and producing Radio programs. And his love for the Medium continued ever since. He expanded his creative activity to new horizons as he wrote and published several short stories and novels in Telugu, with his wife Dr Jyothsna as the co-author. His narratives ranged from intriguing crime stories to compelling fantasies and the paranormal..

With a great love for the Radio-drama and fiction-writing, wherein he enjoyed creating plots and sub-plots, complex characters riddled with human emotions; and with an inborn aptitude for visual imagery, his entry into television screenwriting was seamless.

He got a fair share of recognition for excellence in Screenwriting and Direction. His Screenplay and Directorial ventures Pogmanchu(1992), Swethagulabeelu (1993), Chirudivvelu (1993), Anveshitha (1997-99), Muvvala Ravali (2001) have won seven Nandi Awards from the Government of Andhra Pradesh. His other exceptional daily serial Alaukika (2004-2006) which dealt extensively with the novel concepts of extraterrestrials, time travel had captured the imagination of youngsters. It had received accolades from the critics and awards of appreciation from well-known cultural organizations.

Dr. Jyothsna Ilyas (Creative Director)

Dr. Jyothsna Ilyas, Creative Director

DR JYOTHSNA ILYAS, is a versatile professional- who has over thirty years of experience in strategic planning, Radio programming, production, content development and people management. With hands-on experience in training the young voice talent and producing documentaries on unique thought provoking subjects, she is a focused professional with solid grounding in Indian Culture and the ability to come up with ideas, which connect with the masses.

With a PhD in Audio Aesthetics, Dr Jyothsna is an acknowledged authority on Radio Drama. Confident of tapping into and exploiting the attributes of Radio as a medium to deliver excellence in entertainment by virtue of its unique combination of voice, music and sound effects, she constantly stresses the need to preserve Radio-drama as a genre. Dr Jyothsna was a popular Newscaster in Doordarshan and AIR and she had also featured in major roles in certain popular Television serials on Doordarshan and ETV.

She was recognized as the Best Screenplay writer for the Mega Serial Anveshitha, and awarded the Nandi (1997) by the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

Scripting, Translation and Editing are the other activities that she excels in. Her Telugu Translation of Rustum Barucha's book Question of Faith and BKS Ayyangar's Yoga classic Light of Yoga were greatly acclaimed by the critics.

Our Business Associates

Our Business Associates

Amadeus Media Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading Audio-Video Production houses in Chennai. With an excellent production facility, a team of experienced technicians, Amadeus Media is a business associate of Aakaanksha Creations. They have joined hands now officially to identify talented writers, directors, voice artists and TV artists to produce and deliver content especially in South Indian languages. Amadeus Media is also a leading media education center and provides acoustic solutions, AV integration and record label.

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