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Hundreds of movies releasing every year. But, there are a few movies that touch your heart. Have you ever felt as if you are sitting on the edge of the seat while watching a movie?. Some move you and feel like as of they are haunting you. We are just among those audience. We have lots of thoughts that we missed to draft about the movies we loved. For us, this is as simple as we spread mouth talk about the movie we love and establishing the thoughts by penning about it as well. We have very few hand picked movies that are close to our heart.


Chandrasekhar Yeleti – one of the good story tellers. He makes himself distinguishing from the rest by the selection of stories. He showed maturity by…


A Deep night, camera rolling over the foggy lake towards a wooden house. Stopped at feets distance. Dichkaao dichkaao…revolver triggered…The protagonist falls into the lake…

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