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Founded in 2002, Aakaanksha Creative Media Solutions, with its team of media professionals, is engaged in creating audio and video content across various digital platforms apart from the traditional terrestrial, satellite TV, and Radio channels.

With a rich track record spanning over two decades, this award-winning group of experts is behind the success of many pathbreaking TV Serials, short films, Documentaries, dubbed series, mobile content, and IVRs.

ACMS is now waiting in the wing to enter the unfolding arenas of the digital entertainment industry. With renewed zest, it is now vying to prove its presence on various platforms.

OTT Platforms

OTT is the coolest word these days. It is the youngest platform that brings entertainment to your mobile, and other devices. Major players like Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, Sony, Zee5, Amazon Prime, MX Player, and 30+ other platforms are competing with one another with their cream of the crop web-series, shows, and movies

Though in its nascent stage, with the ground rules, broadcasting code still in the making, there is an immense potential on these web-based platforms, which has thrown open gates of opportunities for the creators and performers.

Our teams are in conversation with certain leading Production Houses and OTT players and a few of our proposals have been optioned, while some are in the development stage.

Given the growing demand for content on OTT platforms, we are now offering our services to assist and guide anyone with an interesting concept in developing it into a razor-edged proposal. Please check our SERVICES to know more about this.


Another great entertainment and educational platform that has emerged as a result of rapidly advancing technology is Podcasting. It has already occupied a special position and a preferred medium of information, and it is considered particularly appealing for the intellectuals, and those who have no time to stop and stare at the moving images. Podcasting has no boundaries of formats, genres, and topics.

With our extensive experience in conceiving, scripting, and production of various formats in radio and the audio medium, and with a battery of writers, producers and voice actors, technical staff, we are now ready to launch a series of audio shows, audiobooks, and audio fiction in Telugu, Hindi, and English. While our products will be distributed through podcast applications to various directories, our website www.podcasttheatre.in would showcase our ongoing and upcoming products.

Original Music Production

With the directors and creators depending squarely on background music, and theme music to accentuate the mood and tone of the scenes and characters, original music is undeniably most essential in any creative entertainment project. While watching a movie, a web series, or listening to audio fiction, background music creates an undercurrent of emotion leaving a powerful impression on one’s subconscious. If the visuals of the scene, the expressions, movements of the actors, and lighting is the body of a movie, music is its soul. It urges the audience to form imagery of their own and interpret what they see or listen to. It is a powerful tool at the disposal of the storyteller to create a sub-text of his narrative.

With the inclusion of accomplished, young music composers, conductors in the team, ACMS is building up its capacity to offerend-to-end services for digital entertainment projects.

New Horizons

ACMS is now expanding its video and audio content bank through Acquisitions and Repurposing its existing content.

And above all ACMS is now ready with its initiative, CTP – Creative Team Portals to facilitate creative people to form their ‘personal teams’ and develop their content into a market-ready, finished project.


This initiative offers the registered members an exclusive password-protected space, to create their personal space to chat, conference, and develop their ideas into a finished market-ready project. In short, CTP is an ecosystem for all creative brains, who endeavour to offer their best to the audience. Please read more about CTP and tell us what you think about it?

A seed idea may belong to one individual, but it can be developed and assume the semblance of a finished product only with the assistance, guidance, and help of several others.

The same principle applies to us too.

CTP - Creative Team Portals is our innovative idea, which can change many things for the writers, directors, actors, production houses, and exhibitors. But we are also aware that, this or any of our other ideas can reach the pinnacle of their potential unless supported by like-minded friends and funding from venture capitalists, who get equally excited about our vision. We are now actively seeking venture capitalists of good standing in the field of entertainment media, who can help us create and develop the Creative Team Portals, into a novel eco-system for media professionals, production houses, producers, and aggregators. We are always open to receiving comments, ideas, and guidance from media professionals and businessmen about this initiative.

Contact us to learn more about us or to know how we may join hands to create something of lasting value.


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